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Oh no delete your tumblr?? Or get rid of your phone?? Omg tough choice!!!!! Anonymous

yeah i know

I really love your blog, your preferences make my day. But for your situation, if I were in your shoes, I would delete my Tumblr. As much as I love it, your phone is probably the most handy thing and it's really kind of important. I'll mis you :( <3 x Anonymous

yeah my phone is very handy but its kinda useless for me cause i don’t have any friends to text

Oh my god... well how important is your tumblr or phone to you? Like is there one that you need more than the other? brilliamprefs1d

definitely my tumblr i can’t live without it so i guest i have my chose

Why do your mommy are making you choose between your tumblr and your phone? sweetlydirty-deactivated2013021

don’t know actually hmm *confused*

your bedroom







where you two meet and what happened and what were you wearing (just liam)

[A/N]: liam only, this was requested by my cousin, who doesn’t like the boys but don’t hate them either, she just like their music and she wanted to read what i wrote so here you go :)

liam: “at a photoshoot for a charity event” you were the one who developed this charity event and got so glad that One Direction agreed to your invitation for a photoshoot for your event so today you were at the place where the photoshoot is going to be held at and waiting for the boys and the photographer when you got a text from the photographer that he can’t make it, since you took a course of photography you decided that your the one that will take the picture insted of calling another photographer, goodthing you brought your DSLR camera with you, you were checking your camera when your assistant said that the boys are here, so you sat up and waited for the boys to come in, then you heard 4 british accent and a irish accent talking then they step in “hi boys i’m [Y/N], [Y/N] [Y/L/N] i’m the founder of the charity event and your photographer too” “nice to meet you [Y/N] i’m louis” said the boy in suspenders “hi nice to meet you, i’m harry” said the boy in a blazer “hi i’m niall, nice to meet you” said the boy in a red polo shirt “hi i’m zayn, nice to meet you” said the boy with a quiff and liam your crush of all time “hi love i’m Liam nice to meet you” said the boy in black long sleeves shirt, you were fangirling inside but keep you cool, “nice to meet you boys, so you can grab this teddy bear, this is our sign for this charity event, you can see the eye patch that’s covering its one eye, you see this charity event is for the kids who were bullied and were abused” “is there a story behind this?” liam asked “yeah, uh,… i was bullied before, and i was abused by my dad” “oh i’m so sorry love” “no its fine, lets get started?” “ok” louis said, liam is the one in the middle so his the one holding the teddy bear, after you took the picture, you smiled up to them and thanked them, but before they left liam gave you a piece of paper with his number on it and a note that said “we should go out for coffee xx liam” this is going to be a start of a very strong relationship

your outfit:

look what just arrived for me from the mail :)

its my One Direction DARE TO DREAM and One Direction The Official Annual 2013

asdfghjkl; I came across your Child Halloween Costumes preference and immediately went to Niall's because he's mine :P and I saw that there was two boys? Spidermans? Twins??? asdkljfasd;klfjadkl;akldj Like you do not know how fangirly I got. ... like in my perfect ship world... I marry Niall and we have identical twin boys and then a little girl a few years later. I LOVE YOUR PREFERENCES and I haven't even read any of them yet (apart from the 1) :) -horrrrrranismine Anonymous

aww thank, that’s my dream children too, but of course not to niall he’s all yours :)

yours kids halloween costume


taylor: “sully” from monsters inc 

jessica: a fairy princess


liam and james: red and black spiderman

alexandrea: snow white


harold: superman

erin: a drink from starbucks


greg: batman

ellie: cinderella


tyler: edward scissorhands 

darcy: a little princess

I open up tumblr and I see this cruel stuff about you and it's just terrible and breaks my heart. Like how do people have the heart to say that stuff. Even though I've never seen you. I bet ur beautiful every girl is beautiful in their own way. Even if I feel like I was being quite mean to someone for saying hate about the boys or gfs I'll apologize and write them a paragraph telling them their beautiful cuz I just can't. But never let it get to you. You have more lovers than haters<33 harrystylesintheass

thank you, :)

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